Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Day Kindergarten.....???

Aha! Just as I suspected, over 2 months since my last entry. Time to pick up the slack.....

So, some provinces want all day kindergarten. Um, why? (JustMom mocks in a high pitched voice) "I just want my kids to get the best possible education they can get" blah, blah, blah...Whatever..
I Do understand if you are a working parent. Finding that half -day day care is frustrating, but not impossible. Also, a little more expensive. But it's only a year.
Seriously, is all day kindergarten NECESSARY? Kids already spend at the least 13 years in school. Add college, that's another 2-3 years, or university and that's another 5. Not to mention pre-school, and even now you can enroll your kids in as young as 3. No wonder kids drop out. Who can blame them? And it's no wonder high school graduates just pick a college/university program without really considering their futures. They just want to get school over with and start life already! They're sick to death of school.  A number of kids drop out of college/university, change they're minds a million times or never even work at their "chosen" field. Why? Because those 13 years of school dont prepare you for what intrests you.
Here's an idea. Instead of all day kindergarten, why doesnt the government have half a day of school and the other half devoted to some form of child intrest government funded program. Like, karate, sports such as baseball, volunteer work, art, etc...I could go on.
Come on people, lets let kids be kids. Afterall, it's only for one more year. Think you can stand having your kids around for that much longer or deal with the "inconvience" of half-day day care for a whole 10 months more?...................Yea, didn't think so
P.S NOT sorry to offend

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