Saturday, July 16, 2011

The "Look"

Ah the look. If you are a mother I guarentee you have recieved it and most likely have given it. It's a look we dread to recieve but are too quick to dish out. You know the one I'm talking about. The look we are given when we make decisions about our children that other people find, well, stupid. And usually it is given over the smallest little things. For instance, I prefer not to give my son juice. Not that he NEVER has juice. He has it at birthday parties and occaionally at home. It's just a choice we made. We dont freak if he gets his hands on juice or strictly forbid it. But tell ONE person he dont drink juice and look out, you recieve the "Look". A friend of mine decided not to give her infant son sweets until his cake on his first birthday. The way people looked at her when she said it you'd think she was denying the child food altogether. We get the "Look" for how our children dress, what they eat, how much television they watch, what toys they play with, etc.. How these decisions affect anyone else, I've no idea. But there they are judging us. What I find ironic is that, even though these decisions are in the best interests of our children and do not harm them in any way, it is taboo to tell a pregnant woman off for smoking while pregnant. Shocked to hear women still do that? You shouldn't be, it's everywhere. But, no, we mustn't tell them they shouldnt do it, but we must always criticize them for denying them juice. Oh yes, THAT is an important issue.

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